Guy Harvey


In June of 2012, I was at Brown’s Taxidermy in Port Canaveral, selling my sculptures. I was talking to a friend who mentioned that Guy Harvey was at Ron Jon’s for an auction. Being that he’s always been an inspiration to me, from his artistic portrayals of sea life to his dedication to the oceanic environment, I decided to bring him a mahi sculpture. I waited in a line that wrapped all around Ron Jon’s, for a good 45 minutes, patiently holding my gift. As I was approaching the stage where Guy Harvey was greeting guests, his wife, who was on the stage with him, accidentally hit the surfboard they were auctioning off. I placed my sculpture down and ran up to help her, and then once she was okay, I grabbed the mahi and got back in line. When I finally reached Guy and handed him his sculpture, not only was he extremely grateful for the art, but for helping his wife as well. It turned out to be a great day!

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Metal Fish 66

Metal fish art, fish sculptures. Stainless steel sculptures depicting sea life by Armando Hevia, a passionate artist and sport fisherman enthusiast.