Red Snapper Fishing Season Has Begun



It is red snapper season now for those in Florida, but can someone from Alabama legally fish for them? Only if they stay in Florida waters until they get off the beach, and only then can they cut over to alabama waters. The red snapper has to be reported accurately, including the amount of fish discarded dead prior to landing in Alabama. Read more about the regulation below…

“NMFS changed its data collection program in 2013,” Blankenship said. “We don’t feel that program is accurately reflecting the red snapper that are being landed on the Gulf Coast. So in order to get a true picture of what’s actually being landed in Alabama, we’ve implemented the red snapper reporting system. Once we have the information for what’s truly being landed, we will have a much higher confidence in the results as we move forward to show we are ready and able to manage this fishery on a state level.”

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