Using Fish Sculptures for Interior Home Design



The art of fish sculptures is increasing in popularity but it’s nothing new to those of us who  live by sea. Sailors, divers, surfers and fishermen alike all share the common passion of aquatic life. Fish sculptures allow us to bring part of that experience back home and mount them on our walls, without the stinky smell of dead fish of course.

Metal fish art serves as great additions to interior and exterior home decor. Each of our fish sculptures are stainless steel pieces which have been designed, wielded and fire colored by hand. Metal Fish 66 art pieces are one of kind and never duplicated. The unique color and superior finish of each piece is what sets our fish sculptures apart from the crowd. Click over to check out some of our work.

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Metal Fish 66

Metal fish art, fish sculptures. Stainless steel sculptures depicting sea life by Armando Hevia, a passionate artist and sport fisherman enthusiast.