How Your Orlando Metal Fish Art is Personally Made


Creating Orlando metal fish art for my clients began with a dual love for fishing and making art.

Here’s how my Orlando metal fish art is made and how it can be personalized for you, or a loved one.

Orlando Fish Art Begins With You

The sculptures begin with you, your ideas, and your wishes. If you don’t have an idea of what fish sculpture you’d want, I also have numerous sculptures that you can choose from. From an angler fish to a blue crab; from a black grouper to a bluefin tuna.

You don’t have to pick from these, though. I also create fish trophies. You can send me a picture of your fish and the details of the size you want it in, lifesize or a specific size. I can make for you a replica of your fish out of stainless steel.

I offer multiple sizes for my metal fish art. The sizes start at 18′, 25′, 36′ and end at 45′. Each art piece is made of sea-grade stainless steel, and can be crafted to face either left or right; whichever way that you prefer.

How I Make The Sculptures

All my Orlando fish art begins with a hand-drawn picture. Some drawings take little time, but other drawings can take months. For example, my Old Man and the Sea drawing took me 6 months to perfect. There’s a face of Hemingway in it  (which is what took time) since it is inspired by the old writer-fisherman himself. See if you can spot it.

Once I am done with my drawing, I cut the metal to the right specifications. I then file down and grind each piece to add depth and dimension.

The metal fish are composed of many colors, like blues, and reds. These colors are not painted. Instead, they are achieved by a process known as fire color, which is done by controlled heat. Because these colors are drawn out of the metal at different temperatures, the colors will not fade on the steel because they are the steel.

Each piece of metal fish art is personal, unique, and handcrafted by me.

If you are interested in Orlando metal fish art from Metal Fish 66, give me a call at (407-217-5660) or contact me on my online form.

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